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  1. 候選人的手和臉必須清晰可見。

  2. 考生可以為不同的作品提交單獨的視頻。

  3. 鋼琴以外的樂器演奏家可以在有或沒有伴奏的情況下進行演奏。如果視頻中有伴奏,將不評判伴奏者。評審團成員只對參賽者的表現進行評判和評分。

  4. 如果考生願意,可以選擇進入多個類別。


您可以通過 Youtube、Wetransfer 提交您的視頻,或將其作為郵件附件發送至





Q: What style of music is required for this competition?
A: For performers, all musical styles are welcome across different age categories. 
However, for period-specific categories such as Baroque, Classical, and Romantic, only pieces relevant to those eras are eligible
For composers, all styles of composition are accepted.

Q: Can I use the same piece/video to apply for multiple categories?

Yes. You can submit the same piece or video across multiple categories, as long as it meets the specific requirements of each category.

Q: Can I have several pieces in one link? Can there be a gap between the pieces?

Yes, you can submit one link that contains several pieces, and pauses between them are permitted. This means if you wish to submit multiple short pieces, you may compile them into a single, longer video. For categories that accept multiple pieces, or if you've chosen to enter in multiple categories, you can send multiple links. Just separate each link with a comma (",") when filling out the online application form.

Q: Can I play more instruments in one video?

A: You can only play one musical instrument for each application. An additional musical instrument will need to be submitted as another application.

Q: How do I submit my video?

A: You can upload your video to Youtube, Vimeo, Youku, or any video platforms (as long as visitors can watch it), then submit the video link at the online application form. You can also submit the form first and leave the video link blank, send the link to us by email before the competition deadline.


Q: Can I use Audio background for accompaniment if I can't find an accompanist? 

A:​ Yes, you can use the audio background music for accompaniment.

Q: As a composer, am I allowed to submit my work even if it's performed by others?

A: Yes, it is perfectly fine if your work is performed by other musicians. Submissions of soundtracks created with computer software are also accepted.

Q: Can I play a single movement of a sonata?

A. Yes, you can play one or more movements.

Q: Can I submit a longer video than the listed duration?

A: If you submit a longer video, only the first x (according to categories) minutes of it will be used for the competition.​

Q: Do I need to show my hand in the video?

A: Instrumentalists should have their hands and face visible in the video, whereas for singers, performer's face should be visible. Continuous focus on the candidate is not necessary, and changing camera angles is acceptable, as long as it is clear to the viewer that the candidate is the one performing. This rule does not apply to composers.​​

Q: As a conductor, am I limited to submitting only videos of me conducting an orchestra?

A: Not at all. You are welcome to submit videos of you conducting in various settings, including choirs, small ensembles, or chamber music groups. The key is to showcase your conducting abilities, regardless of the ensemble size or type.

Q: What are the key qualities and evaluation criteria that are valued in contestants?

 1. Technique/Character/Rhythm/Maturity (Any of these applicable aspects): Depending on the candidate's specific major or instrument, evaluate the relevant aspects of the candidate's technique, maturity, musical character, and control of tempo and rhythm in their submissions.

2. Musicianship/Expressiveness/Presentation/Creativity (Any of these applicable aspects): Depending on the candidate's area of specialty, evaluate the relevant aspects of the candidate's musical interpretation skills, expressiveness, ability to engage and captivate the audience, and the creativity in their submissions.

For information about our competition system and evaluation criteria, please click here to read.

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